musician - producer - (song)writer - teacher


"The only real rock n' roll keyboard player in a world full of nerds with despicable shoes."

     Mr S.L.Y. - Les Truttes


"You'll make it to the moon. And maybe back."

     Wouter Berlaen - notorious interpreter of songs and farts



     David Piedfort - Guitarist with a capital G


"Working with Wim is always good fun. For him, that is..."

     Wim Geysen - author, weird guy and theater producer


"Wim must be the best keyboard player I know. Come to think of it, he is the only one I know... No, seriously now, gentlemen, this guy plays anything and everything! From 80's sequencer rock over chanson to Gershwin. (Or is that the other way round?) And all of this he plays faster than his shadow! Wim is the real McCoy!"

     Walter Mets - the worlds most dangerous drummer


"A lonely geranium in an ognion field."

     Alfons De Scheyter - somebody who doesn't even know who Wim is