Fully equiped mobile studio for multitrack recording. As we're mobile, we can record in your rehearsal studio, during a live performance, in your grannny's bathroom or any other place you have in mind.

However, it must be a good locating sound-wise - we're not going to record your drum tracks in a cathedral, neither are we going to record your guitar amp in a closet. We'll find the right spot and we have acoustic treatment equipment if necessary.

We also have a couple of studios in the Benelux where we like to record. We can use a big studio for e.g. drums and bass and then go back to our own studios for overdubbing guitars, vocals, keys, ...

Check out Pineapple Productions for more info!


In short, pre-production is everything before you start recording "for real".

It's the preparing part before you go into the studio and start recording.

A good pre-production, is a good production. It's that simple.

So: if you need a companion to guide you allong the way; someone that can assist you with recording demos and arranging parts, just give us a call or get in touch using our contact page!


Once everything is recorded, You're obliviously very eager to get to hear the final result.

Experience has taught me that it is worth to wait a couple of days before you start mixing. You want to mix with "fresh ears". Plus: when you're mixing, you want your track window to be uncluttered and clear.

As a seasoned recording engineer/producer, I can help you with meticulous, scrupulous, niggling, timorous and even sedulous editing and mixing. 

Although... I should point out the next topic because that's where it starts to become really interesting!

Pineapple Productions

And that really interesting thingy, is none other than Pineapple Productions!

Pineapple Productions is the joint venture between producer/engineer Sacha Blokland and me as musician/producer. We're up and running for a long time now and we can look back at a king's ransom in productions we did together as a team.

Pineapple Productions 

Audio Production Solutions 

Check out the link to our Pineapple Productions website or visit our Facebook page to follow us and have a peak at what we're working on. You can also get in touch by using the contact form or just pick up the phone and give us a call! We'll get togheter and talk music. We'll assist you during all of your travels. From ideas to release