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Royal Dafuq - "Let me call you" [FULL VERSION] incl. guitar tutorial!

Royal Dafuq released its first single "Let Me Call You" as a radio edit on September 11th 2021. You can find it on i-tunes, spotify, band camp and more.

But even better: if you visit the Royal Dafuq website, you can purchase the whole song - not just the radio edit - AND you'll get a bonus tutorial video!

Get over to www.royaldafuq.com and start playing!

Royal Dafuq - "All Those Parts Of Me" [FULL VERSION] incl. guitar tutorial!

After their first, well acclaimed, single, Royal Dafuq let loose their second single "All Those Parts Of Me". 

Just like its first single, this one is also a radio edit and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp and more.

But there is more! You can also purchase the song directly from the Royal Dafuq website! Not only will you get the full song instead of the radio edit, BUT you get a bonus guitar tutorial video as well!

Wanna play along? Then get over to that website and get yourself a copy of the full song and the tutorial video!

Book "Gedichtige gedachten" (Dutch)

My first poetry collection, released in 2018. My second collection ("Grauwschrift") was due to be released in 2020 but some disease forced us to keep it in the vault al little longer. Click here to buy.